Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Foundation depends on the enthusiasm and support it receives from its membership. It is through our members that we find out what activities and events will please the public.

With memberships now available through Eventbrite, it's even easier to join.


Discover the benefits of membership!

When you join, you will receive some special benefits:

  • Advance information about upcoming Programs & Events
  • Invitations to Special Events  and the Annual Founder’s Christmas Dinner
  • The illustrated booklet, Old Town Toronto, Images of Past and Present
  • A subscription to Heritage Matters and other publications of the Ontario Heritage Trust
  • A member’s discount on admission to Programs and Events
  • A wallet sized membership card
  • An official receipt for income tax purposes for any donation over and above your membership fee
  • Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting of the Foundation

Who is eligible to join? People of any age and background may join, including those with an interest in history, and  those with memories of having attended a memorable event in the Schoolhouse

Bulletins and the on-line newsletter keep members informed about our activities. Please apply to become a member of the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Foundation by visiting Eventbrite or filling out this form and submitting it with payment:

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Membership Form

Mailing Address_____________________________________
Postal Code_________________
Telephone_____ _______________  Email_______________________________

Type of Membership Student (full time) ($10)__Individual ($25)__
Family/Dual ($40)__ Institutions ($50)__ Life ($200)__

I would like to receive regular mailings/e-mailings of Heritage Matters and other publications of the Ontario Heritage Trust publication, Heritage Matters: Yes_______ No_______

In addition to a membership, I would like to make a contribution of $_______________.
Tax receipts are issued for contributions only.

Please make your payment by VISA, cheque or money order to Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Foundation.

VISA Number ____________________________________Expiry Date_____/_____


Mail this form and your payment to: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Foundation, 106 Trinity Street, Toronto ON  M5A 3C6

For more information, contact Lori Lytle at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the Schoolhouse directly at 416-327-6997.


Personal information on this form will be used for marketing and fundraising purposes.  This information will not be shared with other organizations. For further information, please contact the Administrator, Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Foundation, 106 Trinity Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C6 Telephone; 416-327-6997.

The Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Foundation
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For office use:
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